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We at Habitat want to share our love of the Eternal City with our guests. Habitat's Team are expats who have been living in Rome for decades and have the experience necessary to provide you with all the information and support to make your stay memorable.





All apartments have been carefully handpicked by Habitat Italy. We carefully curated a selection of apartments that are beautiful and have some soul. All apartments are centrally located so you can enjoy all that Rome has to offer; we want you to create gorgeous memories of your stay in the Eternal City!

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Rome is the perfect destination for families, couples and singles! The Italians have a special relationship with children. There will always be someone to give you a hand; it won’t be unusual for the waiter at the bar to hold your child so you can finally sip that cappuccino in peace and quiet, children are catered for in most restaurants and there are many activities geared towards families with young children. Couples will love getting lost in the small and picturesque alleys of Rome, and why not rent a Vespa and be the protagonist of your very own Roman Holiday! And for all the singles out there, come and indulge in some retail therapy and fill up your suitcase with some serious Made in Italy clothes & shoes! Sit down and have an aperitivo in some piazza and do some people watching, and the scrumptious food…Yes, it is as good as portrayed by Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love and we have all the best addresses in Rome!